GRP profiles offer you a wide range of applications where properties such as stability, light weight, corrosion and chemical resistance with easy processing are required.

Construction Profiles

GRP Construction Profiles can be used everywhere where high demands are made on the material - an alternative to steel or wood.

Stair Systems

Staircases and walkways for use in corrosive environments. Existing installations can be replaced quickly and easily.

GRP Fences

GRP Fences are transparent to electromagnetic radiation, e.g. radar, and are therefore ideal for use at airports.

Profiles for Airports

GRP Profiles are transparent to radar beams and therefore ideal for use at airports. They are also non-magnetic and electrically insulating.

GRP Drywall Houses

GRP Drywall Houses are based on a modular system, so they are quick to install and dismantle.


GRP can be used in architecture in many ways, whether as a supporting component or as a design feature.